Living Microgreens Care


Steps to caring for your living tray

  1. Receive - Once you have received your microgreen tray we recommend you open the box immediately and place it in a well lit area at room temperature.

  2. Water - It is important that the soil your microgreens are growing in is never allowed to dry out, at room temperature this means watering them every day. Just lift the corner of one of the trays and pour about 1 cup of water into the waterproof box liner. This will allow all 6 trays to absorb water from below reducing the chance of soil splashing onto the tender greens.

  3. Enjoy - Following the 2 previous steps should ensure that you have fresh delicious microgreens growing for over a week! Please re-order!

  4. Recycle - All Rafferty Farms microgreens are grown and shipped in fully recyclable trays and boxes. Please consider the environment and recycle the used packing materials.