We pride ourselves on growing top quality organic produce in a sustainable & natural way that is good for us & the planet!

Earthis had its humble beginnings as a Calgary based commercial/industrial LED lighting company in 2009, called Streamline Customs Ltd. Founded by James Rafferty, it was later renamed Earthis Ltd. in 2015. Even early on there was a strong emphasis on carrying high quality products with a focus on energy efficiency at the time. As he began experimenting with agricultural lighting products, his passion grew towards food security and sustainability. The result was Rafferty Farms.


Rafferty Farms is a vertical aquaponics farm near Okotoks, AB. For those new to aquaponics, it is a soilless, closed-loop, growing concept that utilizes important microorganisms to convert waste from our fish into vital nutrients for our plants, which detoxify the water before it returns to our fish. Our unique system saves fresh water, incorporates sustainable technology, and does not expose your food to synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. This means better tasting, healthier, and safer food for you and your loved ones!

At Rafferty Farms we are starting small and dreaming big. With our 1200 square foot greenhouse as the proving ground for our system in 2015, just this year (2019) we recently completed construction of an additional 7000 square feet. Step by step, we hope to have acres of off grid aquaponics greenhouses in the years to come.

Thank you for your support!