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Earthis Ltd.

Welcome to Earthis Ltd. We are a Calgary-based Canadian company dedicated to environmentally friendly technologies that can lessen our impact on earth.

Rafferty Farms

Rafferty Farms is our division that builds and operates aquaponics systems to grow organic, fertilizer and pesticide free produce for local restaurants and retailers.




Our mandate is to turn environmentally friendly solutions into commercially viable business opportunities. We believe it is our duty to live in harmony with nature, and through technology and innovation we can achieve that.

Let's not forget

Earth is limited!


Goals For A Brighter Future


Earthis is a growing company with important goals. If we as a society are going to feed ourselves in the future, traditional farming is going to need a helping hand. We are working hard to create commercially viable aquaponic solutions because we believe that is the way of the future. We are currently refining our design of a vertical aquaponics greenhouse capable of producing fresh produce year round in northern climates. With our proof of concept currently operating in Okotoks AB, we are well on our way to expanding into a larger facility in the coming years. 

At Earthis, sustainability is also important in how we design our systems and what technologies we use. With solar thermal and photo voltaic cells we can harness the power of the sun for both electricity and heat. Being situated in Southern Alberta we also use wind power to generate electricity. This Electricity can then be stored in batteries which allows us to run the system off grid for extended periods of time.

Solar electric 


Wind Power

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Solar Thermal


Our Roots

Earthis had its humble beginnings as a Calgary based commercial/industrial LED lighting company started in 2009. Even early on there was a strong emphasis on carrying high quality products that were the most energy efficient at the time. As we began experimenting with agricultural lighting products, our passion grew towards food security and sustainability. Today we operate an aquaponics greenhouse near Okotoks, and are working hard to grow fresh local produce for Calgary and surrounding areas.