Rocket Mass Heater

Since heating in the greenhouse during winter is a huge issue, James went online and found a schematic of a rocket mass heater. After having given it literally a moment of thought, he decided to build it.

This kind of heater is designed to create a convection that travels throughout a thermal mass which absorbs the heat and then gradually dissipates it after a burn cycle. A small intake inside the greenhouse is stoked with wood sticks and burns to create full combustion of the wood. The ducting eventually makes it out of the greenhouse as a small chimney stack you can see rising to the right of the metal barrel. The chimney releases warm steam (not smoke) as a result of the heat transfer and fuller combustion process. From the inside you can hear it roaring as the current pulls air quickly through the system. Aki, in his infinite wisdom, is seen here robbing what little heat it generates as we tested it this winter -_-

Unfortunately its placement and the air mass being far too large, this little setup is more for show and boiling water for tea at this point.

James Rafferty