Getting Started

So after having read one book about the idea of Aquaponics, naturally the next step was to go commercial scale with little to no thought at all! (jk, sort of). Thanks to the generosity of his aunt Jill, we were able to get started on a piece of land near Okotoks.

We started with designing a structure. We really wanted to create something that was modular and cost effective to build, so we started some brainstorming on a design. Knowing that shipping containers were cheap, plentiful, and structurally strong, we wanted to find a way to incorporate it into the design. After trying a couple ways to incorporate a shipping container, we eventually decided on a steel hoop structure. Although we still wish to incorporate the shipping containers somehow in the future, for now the hoop structure will have to do.

Having friends and family able to lend a hand proved paramount in the beginning. Everyone loved the idea and was willing to lend a hand. In the picture you can see the basement we dug (aka "The Pit"), and the excavator used by a friend at Trevi Pools who helped us literally "lay the foundation" for success!

James Rafferty