Constructing the Media Bed

Above "The Pit" we have a wooden box called the media bed. Here we have my friend Young and my father Sam working on its construction. The purpose of this once completed is to provide a home for our microorganism friends to colonize in high concentration. The high surface area of the media gives the microorganisms something to cling to. In the background you can see a large white tank, this is where the fishes will live. As we feed the fish, they will excrete ammonia as waste. This media bed is a place where the nitrifying bacteria can convert ammonia into nitrite, which then another kind of microorganism can convert into nitrate, which can then be absorbed by plants later on through their roots. Common types of media are expanded clay and lava rock. We should be selling these materials soon, so check out our Shop when its ready!

To learn more about the concept of aquaponics we are working on a section called "About Aquaponics" in the near future. Our content will be derived from the experts Nick Savidov and John Derksen at Lethbridge College. They have been involved in scientific research in this space for a number of years. There is plenty of misinformation out there, so be cautious about what you are reading and whether the source is credible or not. Lethbridge College hosts a two-day Aquaponics workshop which is full of great information and content for those who are wanting to build their own home setup, or work towards something more commercial. Feel free to contact us for more information.

James Rafferty