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We are currently constructing our NEW 7000 sq ft expansion!

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Our Produce

Rafferty Farms


Heirloom Genovese Basil, Spearmint, and Thai Basil (NEW).



Red Radish, Ruby Stem Radish, Kale, Red Cabbage, Purple Kohlrabi, Arugula, Red Mizuna Mustard, Beet, Sunflower, and Pea Shoots.

Streamline LED


Hard Red Spring Wheatgrass


Genovese Basil

Growing the finest basil requires the perfect growing environment and a lot of TLC. At Rafferty Farms we grow large crowns of the most beautiful and aromatic Genovese Basil. Our basil is available in 227 gram (8 oz) boxes for restaurants and 28 gram (1 oz) bags for retailers.

Basil from Rafferty Farms is always:

  • Naturally fresh, flavorful and aromatic

  • Non-GMO and grown from certified organic seed

  • Not exposed to any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides



Great for drinks and culinary, our variety of spearmint has a pleasantly sweet flavor that is perfect for cooking and deserts. The leaves dry well, but when used fresh they make a nice tea or an even nicer mojito!

Like our basil it is grown in our aquaponic system without the use of any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Available in 28g (1oz) retail packs or 100g (3.5oz) bags for restaurants.

Lasts for weeks if kept refrigerated!



Microgreens are a stunning visual, flavorful and nutritional addition to any dish! Our microgreens are packed with important nutrients and micro-nutrients. Our microgreens are available in living cases for restaurants and pre-cut 40 gram clam-shells for retail sales. 

Microgreens have intense and unique flavors, we are always experimenting with new varieties to bring the most exciting flavors and colors to your dish!

Chefs Garden Mix Tray

Designed for restaurants, our living Garden Mix Microgreen tray includes 6 stunning varieties ensuring you always have the right colors and flavors to enhance any dish. Our living trays are packed in a cardboard box with a recyclable drip liner for watering right in the box. Please visit our living microgreens care page for instructions to keep your microgreens alive and happy! 



Wheatgrass is considered a superfood, packed with important nutrients and amino acids needed by the human body. Just like all of our products, our wheatgrass is grown in our aquaponic system ensuring you get the healthiest and most flavorful product possible. Whether you are using a juicer to extract the nutrient packed juice or just like to chew on a handful from time to time, wheatgrass from Rafferty Farms is always a delicious choice!

Our wheatgrass is available in living cases for restaurants and 85 gram (3 oz) pre-cut bags for retail sales. 


Pest Control

We believe food should never be exposed to any potentially harmful herbicides or pesticides, so in our greenhouse we provide the perfect growing environment for our various plants. Unfortunately this also provides a wonderful home for many damaging insects we call pests. Since aquaponics is a delicately balanced living ecosystem, we are severely restricted in the kinds of pest control methods that can use. We believe that nature can provide the answer to our pest problems and this is why we release beneficial insects on a regular basis that pray on the insects that we deem as pests. 

When you purchase produce from Rafferty Farms you can be sure it is always herbicide & pesticide free, and grown in harmony with Nature!



At Rafferty Farms we try to lessen our impact on earth.

Solar Electric

Using a combination of solar voltaic panels and a wind turbine, through this we are able to generate enough electricity to power all of our water pumps, fans and LED grow lights year round, day or night. Our system consists of an 800 watt solar voltaic system and a 2000 watt wind turbine. The energy generated by this system is used during the day while the excess energy is stored in batteries capable of powering our water circulation pumps for up to 4 days with no wind or sun. 


In our greenhouses, we dig channels into the ground to harness the stable temperatures of the earth. We circulate air beneath the ground to warm the cold winter air, so we don’t have to heat it as much. We also use the cooler dryer ground temperatures to condense the moisture in the air to further capture freshwater, and add it back into the circulating system. All this air circulation underneath the greenhouse also stores heat in the ground beneath year round, and acts as a battery for heat when we need it later.


Our location in located on the crest of a hill where we receive plenty of wind all year round. Our small wind turbines can produce lots of supplemental electricity which helps run our fans, pumps, and other systems. As battery technology costs come down, or we are able to tie into the grid, this technology can produce plenty of power for the greenhouses.

Solar Thermal

The key to a year round greenhouse will always be heat management. To address this, in the summer we are constantly circulating hot air, from the peak of the greenhouse, 8 feet underground to use the earth as a heat battery allowing us to extract the heat at night to better regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse. We also have a solar water heating system that allows us to collect the sun's energy during the day and store it in a 400L hot water tank, we can then extract this heat during the night to warm the water flowing through the aquaponics system and in turn keeping the greenhouse temperature stable.

Water capture & conservation

Water is the key to all life, and freshwater scarcity is an impending global crisis. Aquaponics is a growing concept that uses very little freshwater compared to conventional farming (90% less). Not only do we save water by growing aquaponically, we also incorporate other ways to conserve freshwater. Through rainwater capture or re-condensing the humid air in the greenhouse, this adds up to saving more freshwater, and using less precious groundwater.

Recyclable Materials & Packaging

At Earthis, all business cards are printed on 100% recycled paper. We grow and ship all of our products in fully recyclable packing materials, often made from 100% post consumer materials. After you have enjoyed our products please recycle the packaging. Remember, Earth Is Limited!

About Us

Rafferty Farms operates our vertical aquaponic greenhouses that incorporate sustainable technologies in order to bring fresh and naturally grown produce straight from the farm to your table. Our system uses solar, wind, geothermal, and rainwater collection systems to supplement our energy consumption. We grow using a method called aquaponics which utilizes the symbiotic relationship between fish, bacteria, and plants in a closed loop nutrient cycle with minimal waste, the way nature intended. Rafferty Farms represents a sustainable alternative to conventional agriculture to supply communities with fresh local produce.


We pride ourselves on growing top quality organic Food in a sustainable way that is good for us and the planet!


At Rafferty Farms we are starting small and dreaming big. With our 1200 square foot greenhouse as the proving ground for our vertical aquaponics system (Oct 2015), we have begun construction of an additional 7000 square feet (Oct 2018), which will be growing plants that same winter. step by step, we hope to have acres of off grid aquaponic greenhouses in the years to come.

Thanks for your support everyone.